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A public website and application can be built by Salesforce Site and The website is directly integrated with a Salesforce Org - without requiring users to log in with a credential- hence not requiring any Salesforce license. One can publicly expose any information stored in the company through a branded URL and make the site's pages match the look and feel of any company’s brand. Create a branded, custom Web address, such as, by registering through a domain name registrar. Create CNAME records to redirect your branded domain and sub-domains to the Salesforce Sites domain without exposing the name in the URL.
the public users could access the site or site by Guest User licenses. If Community is enabled, these users also have access to public pages in the communities. Site visitors have access to any information made available on an active public site. For each Guest User license, one can develop one site for your organization.
What is Site Site enables developers to build Ux with HTML, CSS, Visualforce. Obviously, someone with experience in those areas can customize and produce a world-class professional website. site lets the developer build custom pages and Web applications by inheriting capabilities including analytics, workflow & approvals, and programmable logic. Sites is the product if the business requirement is complex, driven programmatic logic using Apex and APIs. Some capabilities of Sites is the product if the business requirement is complex, driven programmatic logic using Apex and APIs. Some capabilities of
·         Public, branded pages that anyone can access.
·         Write programmatic controllers, or extensions to controllers, using Apex code.
·         Create custom login or self-registration pages.
·         Build dynamic web applications, such as a product promotion, registration and management application.
·         Developer/Admin can only assign the permission to read/create on standard objects, but can assign full create-read-updated-delete (CRUD) on custom objects for Guest User profile

Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions come with 25 Guest User licenses of Site. Developer Edition comes with one Guest User license. which means 25 Guest Users can be created.

What is Site Site is more template-driven, built using Community Builder or Studio, no CRM functionality – don’t have access to the Accounts and Contacts objects. Users have access to an unlimited number of custom tabs but are limited to the use of one custom app, which is defined as up to 20 custom objects. Each Only user also needs either a Contributor or Publisher feature license to access 

Community Builder is an intuitive, convenient tool for customizing a community that can have public pages. Community Builder lets a developer/administrator creates a community based on a pre-configured template, and then apply branding, edit pages, update your template, and publish changes all from one user-friendly interface.
Using Community builder, a developer can create public pages that anyone can access or set a home page and set up multilingual support for the community in Studio, a Web content management system that provides extra configuration options. Studio is easily accessible from Community Management.

Developer, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions each come with unlimited Guest User licenses of Sites VS Sites Sites:

  • sites support both authenticated and public websites
  • Included in all Enterprise Edition (or above) and Developer orgs.
  • Support for custom pages using Visualforce, JavaScript, CSS.
  • Developers must be familiar with the above languages.
  • Can access all objects.

  • Is a provisioned product.
  • is meant for non-technical administrators as there is no coding necessary.
  • Drag n drop support for CMS.
  • Allows custom coding using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Includes a security model of who can contribute to and publish sites.
  • Chatter is supported for the contribution of content while chatter is not available on the front-end website. SitesCommunity Builder Sites
Visualforce pagesYesNo
Can it have AuthenticationNoYes
Can be Template drivenNoYes
Can host Public pagesYesYes
Out-of-the-box login, logout, self-registration, and error pagesYesYes
Can it have Pixel-perfect designsYesYes
Can impose IP restrictionsYesYes
Can success to data from Salesforce org, Account Contact cases, leads, and opportunitiesYesYes
Can support CMSNoYes Site vs

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