Salesforce Einstein Analytics Deployment

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Deployment: Salesforce Einstein Analytics components can be deployed in orgs via three ways:

If the Einstein Analytics components will be deployed to a related org then Change set is the best option.
Else Package-based metadata deployment using VS Code is the freeware to carry out the deployment.

There are deployment tools like AutoRabit, Copado Gearset etc who supports Einstein Analytics component deployment seamlessly but the assumption here is customers don’t have a license of any of those tools.

Before starting, please make sure who is carrying out the deployment has the below permission

  • Manage Analytics
  • API enabled
  • Modify Metadata
  • Modify All Data

Below is the package.xml

  • Security Predicates update is a post deployment manual task

Connect to the source org from VS code and retrieve the components using the above xml. Then connect to the destination org and deploy.

Please be cautious about any component override.

Change set based deployment link