Powerful Automation with No-Code Low-Code feature of Salesforce OmniStudio

Salesforce OmniStudio is a tool to build digital customer experiences tailored to any industry and can deliver automation for any business use case with its No-Code and Low-Code features. It provides automation with No-Code Low-Code feature only with configuration.

Automation with No-Code Low-Code feature of Salesforce OmniStudio

Salesforce OmniStudio is a great tool to create guided interactions that integrate into any industry-specific process. Admins can easily develop guided user experiences without code.

In that process, by only dragging components, the admin can integrate a component with external data. Imagine a developer or administrator consuming external system data in no time and a scalable manner without writing any code.

Show that data from Salesforce or external sources in a contextual screen for a full view of relevant data in a single place.

Why use OmniStudio

A Low Code No Code Platform enables customers to create guided brand experiences specific to their industry with clicks.

Drag-and-drop configuration capabilities

Effortlessly meet the demands of omnichannel service by deploying and updating these interactions across multiple devices and channels.

OmniStudio is part of Einstein Automate, which integrates Salesforce automation capabilities across Platform, Einstein, MuleSoft, Industries, and AppExchange to deliver an efficient end-to-end workflow platform.

Advantages of Omni Studio

  • Build a guided user flow that is highly customizable by configuration – The power of OmniScripts
  • Build customizable UI to show relevant data in a single screen from multiple data sources just by using clicked-based elements – Flexcards
  • Declarative ETL tool that extracts, transforms and loads data in Salesforce without writing code; operates behind the OmniScripts and Flexcards – DataRaptors
  • Declarative way to retrieve data from Salesforce/third-party services without any additional user interaction; run server-side for greater performance – Integration Procedures

Components of OmniStudio

FlexCards: Cards that display contextual information and actions in an at-a-glance format for a customer. A Datasource Wizard populates a FlexCard with data from one or more sources via point-click integration.

OmniScripts: A guided path to complete a business process. It’s a Modular Architecture in nature. A developer can integrate data from multiple sources (Salesforce or third-party), manipulate it, and send it back to its source, all from within the OmniScript. The data is captured in the standard JSON format.

OmniScripts has a great feature to dynamically generate documents from templates (MS Word, PDF, and HTML outputs), merge data from any data source, and then create and operate on these documents, like attaching them to Salesforce records and emailing them to recipients, plus delegate to DocuSign for eSignatures.

DataRaptors: Configurable services for retrieving, transforming, and updating data. A DataRaptor mapping tool enables you to read, transform, and write Salesforce data. There are four types of DataRaptor: Turbo Extract, Extract, Load, and Transform.

Integration Procedures: Declarative features and server-side processes that execute multiple actions in a single service call. An Integration Procedure is also recommended when you need fast processing of complex data from multiple sources. Server-side processing enables faster performance since, in most cases, the server is faster than the client at processing data. Combining multiple actions in a single server call prevents round trips to the server. Minimizing client/server calls is beneficial, as more round trips mean slower performance.

DataRaptors and Integration Procedures deliver data to and from UI components. They orchestrate calls to Apex classes, calculation engines, and external application programming interfaces (APIs) to execute whatever business logic is required.

Salesforce Omni Studio

Omni Scripts Vs Screen Flow: When to Use What

How to get an Omni Studio Developer Org

Signup for a Developer Edition org that has OmniStudio pre-installed. The org has all the data you need for hands-on practice in the OmniStudio Trailhead modules. This special org has a 180-day license


OmniStudio License

OmniStudio is included with specific Industries subscriptions: Financial Service, Health Cloud, Manufacturing, and Vlocity Clouds(Communications, Media, Energy and utilities, Public Sector, and Insurance)

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