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Salesforce has recently released Hyperforce to host Salesforce App in a public server of your choice. Hyperforce is an entirely new infrastructure architecture that unifies the foundations of the various clouds and allows Salesforce to scale rapidly and securely using Public Cloud Partners, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Hyperforce at this moment is available in India, Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Germany, France, and Brazil for Salesforce Core Services (“Core”). Customer 360 Audiences (CDP) is live on Hyperforce in the US and Germany


Need of Hyperforce:

Countries like China, Russia, and others have strict data policies. Many Countries imposes law on what data can be hosted outside of nations and what data can’t go outside of the country. In those customer requirements, Hyperforce comes to the rescue and provides support for local data storage means that customer data will not be transferred outside of that country. Hyperforce means that data is stored at rest in the country. Data can be transit out of the country through standard interfaces.

Hyper-scalable: Implement faster with a super flexible infrastructure, Protect sensitive data
with built-in trust of Salesforce

Run your business from anywhere with the world’s most trusted public cloud

Hyperforce uses modern, cloud-based technologies that require you to adopt technical best practices in order to maintain connectivity with Salesforce. On Hyperforce, there are mandatory best practices:

  • Don’t use hard-coded instance references
  • Don’t use hard-coded IP allowlists
  • Use HTTP1.1 or higher to call Salesforce API endpoints
  • Include a Service Name Indicator (SNI) in your TLS ClientHello message when connecting to a Salesforce service

What products are currently available on Hyperforce?

  • Core Salesforce Services (the services branded as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Chatter, Lightning Platform
  • Tableau CRM (including Einstein Discovery), Consumer Goods Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Service Cloud Voice
  • Customer 360 Audiences (CDP)
  • Managed packages branded as Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing (together formerly branded as Salesforce Quote-to-Cash), Health Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Sustainability Cloud, Salesforce Maps, and the Field Service managed package (“FSMP”), which is a feature of Service Cloud

Currently, there is no cost for applications to run on Hyperforce.

Hyperforce Assistant: Salesforce provides tools and assistance to migrate the current Salesforce Org to Hyperforce. Salesforce provides Org Readiness Check; very similar to Lightning Migration Readiness Check to perform Hyperforce Specific Checks like

  1. Hard coded URLs
  2. IP Allowlist
  3. HTTP 1.0

During the plan migration, the existing Salesforce Org will be made read-only

Hyperforce Assistant – Product Experience

Find more at https://twirltech.in/architect-blogs/

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