Deliver Great Patient Care with Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud Solution is a Customer Relation Management system that allows users and healthcare staff to access all patient information including medical history and upcoming health check-up appointments in real-time to Deliver Great Patient Care with Salesforce Health Cloud.

Four Major wings connect the healthcare system of an organization


•360-degree view of patient  data

•Complete patient experience & Real-time patient coordination and engagement


•Member care management & member journey

•Personalized member services


•Manage commercial processes, build provider relationships, and engage with patients in a more efficient, compliant, and personal way.


•Deliver personalized patient and provider engagement and support programs while accelerating R&D innovation on a connected platform.

Deliver Great Patient Care with Salesforce Health Cloud
Salesforce Health Cloud

There are two Salesforce Health Cloud Licenses

Health Cloud Enterprise – Out-of-the-box CRM for healthcare and life sciences

Health Cloud Unlimited – Unlimited CRM power and support for healthcare and life sciences.

Use the below document to select right Health Cloud Edition for your business

Health Cloud provides:

  1. A Complete View of the Patient: Comprehensive patient care timeline with
    integrated EMR and device data
  2. Smarter Patient Management: Engage with patients and the entire care team in
  3. Proactive Patient Engagement: Allow patients to manage personal healthcare
    goals and access complete care team
Deliver Great Patient Care with Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Console – Allows healthcare professionals to Manage patients with ease
• Segment patients into useful lists based on various criteria in the population
• Track tasks and issues
• Create and execute care plans in the context of the patient’s full picture
o View more than just the patient – Complete care timeline and patient card view
o Facilitate collaboration
• Collaborate with patient teams within the organization
• Coordinate with family caregivers and unaffiliated health
professionals through communities

Deliver Great Patient Care with Salesforce Health Cloud
Health Cloud Console

Salesforce Patient Communities- Allows patients to:

  • Stay on top of health care goals
  • Access to the care plan
  • Reminders and tasks
  • Completion of surveys and forms
  • Easy collaboration with the entire care network
  • Find answers to questions quickly with Knowledge & search
  • Mobile access anytime, anywhere

Salesforce Health Cloud will also bundle Salesforce Shield to achieve HIPAA-compliant use of the product.

Salesforce complies with HIPAA in its capacity as a business associate. Salesforce Health Cloud also includes specific functionality to help customers achieve HIPAA-compliant use of the platform in their role as a covered entity. This includes a robust set of security, privacy, monitoring, logging, and encryption tools through Salesforce Shield to make it safe to store and operate on PHI in Salesforce Health Cloud.

Please find here the health cloud developer guide

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